Traditional Italian farm – Countryside near Rome

The Agrihouse is a traditional Italian farm located not far from Rome on the beautiful hills between Bracciano Lake and the Sea of Santa Severa. At the foot of the romantic medieval village of Sasso, it enjoys the magnificent view of the Fairy Mount and the oak woods.

The Maremma cottage is surrounded by nature. It offers hospitality in double rooms and apartments furnished in frugal style, respecting the original atmosphere of bucolic life. The rooms overlook the woods and the fields where the farm animals graze. The garden gives access to the meadows and the naturalistic path that will guide you to the waterfall, the vineyard and the olives grove of the farm.

The city life becomes more and more chaotic and detached from nature, which is why Agrihouse has the dream of bringing people closer to this extraordinary countryside and unexplored world.

So what can you do at the Agrihouse?   You can take part at the farm works, as for example look after animals, collect hen eggs, feed the rabbits, the cows, donkeys and sheep.